A new Generation of endoscopical Training

The inlays vary corresponding the simulated operation and include all appropriate relevant structures.
Our trainings systems have been developed to offer endoscopic step by step education tools with different levels of severeness up to the level of expert knowledge. The system comprises the Real Simulator, a pelvic model and exchangable inlays.

First Steps   Novices

The Multitool System allows novices a large spectrum of endocopic trainings tool, starting with classical exercises (pearl exercise etc. ), advanced hand eye coordination tools (endobeep) as well as suture and knoting exercises up to operative steps (vaginal suture etc.) . Additionally the Multitool system provides an integratet wet lab.

Advanced Training Juniors

The advanced trainings tools intend to simulate complete endoscopic operations as realistic as possible. The  ovarian cyst modul allows  an enucleation of a cyst and reconstruction of the ovarian tunica.  LASH operation modul allows all steps which are necessary during a LASH , e.g. preparation, incision, monopolar and bipolar coagulation, morcelation. Vessels can be connected with artifical blood perfusion systems.


The expert systems simulate incontinence and descensus tools.

The moduls simulate urinary incontinence, lateral defects, vaginal descensus etc. Operative training includes preparation  and exposure of the defect structures and  reconstructive steps ( e.g. vaginal digital guidance and control of the needle during Burch procedure).