Who we are

Endodevelop - this stands for  endoscopic-operative experience combined with a high level of  technical know-how and modern educative concepts . Our team includes medical and technical specialists, make-up artists as well as designers.

What we do

We offer realistic 3 D  trainings simulators for endoscopic surgery in any field.

The simulators consist on:


1. Realsimulator: A special training in the shape of a female torso


2. Operative models: Basic models for specific operations, fitted with a all the tissues, which are relevant for the surgeon of a specific operation.


3. Inlays: Refill-material for the specific trainings aims.



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We love what we do

Medical education is a common good. Our trainings systems help to realize this aim.
Our educative concepts and our patented systems are awarded by several institutions. Together with our universitary partners our systems are not even used in a large number of international courses but are also supervised, permanently adapted to new operative techniques and evaluated scientifically.  Our products stand for a good quality on a fair price and are also used from the medical industry for testing new products.
As known from pilot training the repeated training of difficult situations will help to create a mental proceeding and shapening. At the expert level basic steps finally become a routine and automatisms are developed, as for driving  a car. Surgeons attention is free to realizeand solve  problems .
Our systems include realistic simulation  of operations with all relevant factors and landmarks as in real operation.
With our systems and trainings concepts we make operative novices to experts- with all the ethical rules Hippocrates demanded!
Starting with skill training, continuing with suture techniques and learning complete operations- our products guide you through all phases of your medical career!